Anti-Age Nutrition 

We specialize in nutrition and functional medicine, with many complex cases involving long-term chronic illness and environmental toxicity.  We are dedicated to assisting the patient with underlying nutritional or internal conditions.

We can then tailor nutritional management solutions of that patient which will improve the patient’s health and enhance aesthetic or anti-aging treatment outcome.
By searching for and defining the underlying causes of ill health, illness is resolved at the source, eliminating the vicious cycle of treating only symptoms which will allow a patient a have a improved sense of wellbeing and more youthful appearance. We employ many examination and treatment techniques which allow us to create a treatment program which individualizes the treatment protocol based on the unique issues each patient faces. 
We use the science of Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA) to accurately assess the patient's overall health, while determining the percentage of body fat in addition to laboratory testing which is performed in office or at home.  A comprehensive program is then developed for the patient addressing their individual needs - whether it be fat/cellulite reduction, detoxification, longevity, hormone imbalance, or any other problem that is causing poor health or aesthetic problems.